This Repository is the source for the website for the Regnum Christi San Antonio Locality.

The website is based on Jekyll and can be maintain locally by installing it on your machine.

To Install Jekyll on Windows

1 - Go here: It says: 1.1 - Download and install a Ruby+Devkit version from RubyInstaller Downloads. ( Use default options for installation. 1.2 - Run the ridk install step on the last stage of the installation wizard and select: + MSYS2 and MINGW development tool chain 1.3 - Install Jekyll and Bundler using > gem install jekyll bundler 1.4 - Check if Jekyll has been installed properly: > jekyll -v

2 - Since ‘webrick’ is not part of ruby any more, you’ll have to install webrick on your machine by hand. On the command line (once ruby has been installed) type: > bundle add webrick

To use the local Jekyll engine:

Start Jekyll markdown/server

To view help you can use like this: C:\Source\AsnaQSys\>bundle exec jekyll serve or with Incremental transformation like this: C:\Source\AsnaQSys\>bundle exec jekyll serve –incremental

To visit the local site enter on your browser:

Update TOC

After editing the toc.yaml file, it is necessary to ‘touch’ the file that ‘jsonify’ it js\toc.json